Planning Your Office Refurbishment: What You Need To Consider

Refurbishing an office space can be a significant investment for any business, but it can also significantly impact the productivity, comfort, and overall image of the company. There are several factors to consider when refurbishing an office space, and you must take your time when planning the refurbishment. Below you can see some of the areas you must consider that can help ensure you create the perfect environment for your company to thrive.

Purpose & Functionality

The first thing to consider when refurbishing an office space is the purpose and functionality of the area. The layout and design of the office should be tailored to the business’s specific needs. For example, if the company primarily focuses on collaborative work, open-plan workstations may be more appropriate than individual offices. Similarly, if the company requires a lot of storage space, it may be necessary to include additional storage options such as cabinets, shelves, or filing systems. Consider how to use the area effectively and create a suitable floor plan for your business.


Another important factor to consider when refurbishing an office space is the budget. Determining the budget early in the planning process is important, as this will help guide decisions about materials, design, and construction. Remembering that refurbishing an office space can be a significant investment is also important. Still, it can also significantly impact the company’s productivity and image.

Style & Aesthetics

The style and aesthetics of an office space can significantly impact the company’s image and the morale of its employees. It’s important to consider the overall look and feel of the office, including the colour scheme, lighting, and furniture. For example, bright colours create a more energetic and dynamic environment, while muted colours create a more calming and focused atmosphere.


Lighting is an often-overlooked factor when refurbishing an office space, but it can significantly affect the productivity and morale of employees. It’s important to consider the type and placement of lighting and the amount of natural light that enters the space. Good lighting can help to reduce eye strain and headaches, improve mood, and increase productivity.

Controlling The Noise Levels

You will also need to find ways of controlling the noise levels in your office to ensure it does not get too loud, which can distract your employees. You can do various things to reduce noise levels, such as partitioning open-plan offices, having many plants throughout the office, and using acoustic plasterboard. You can also visit reputable companies such as Ceiling Tiles UK and select acoustic ceiling tiles for a suspended ceiling in your office, which can help control noise levels effectively.


Technology is an essential aspect of any modern office, and it is important to consider your business’s technological needs when refurbishing the space. It can include providing sufficient power outlets and wiring, installing high-speed internet and network systems, and incorporating technology into the design of the office. For example, a video conferencing system may be necessary for remote meetings or a sound system for presentations and events.

It is worth consulting an expert office design company to help you design the perfect office for your business and ensure all the above points, and more are covered. They can help you create the ideal space for your business that is comfortable and inspirational to help boost productivity, where your business can thrive.