As we are now bang straight into the beating heart of 2023, and the beauty landscape is rocking and evolving at the pace it always is: FAST! With new trends, products innovation, and even more focus on self-care, it’s one of the most exciting times for the beauty scene. Whether you’re a makeup maven, skincare aficionado, or someone looking to revamp your beauty routine, we’ve got tips to get you feeling fantastic.

We’re attempting to list the most exciting, or hottest, beauty tips of 2023 that will keep you looking as good as ever. From skin luminosity to eco-conscious choices, here’s a bespoke list of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the beating heart of the UK, and the nations capital, London.

Skin-care: avoid needless products.

First of all, understand that ‘perfect skin’ is unachievable. It’s all about making the most and finding beauty in what you’ve been given. The only reason you seek perfect skin is due to the commercial brands who are selling the idea of ‘perfect skin’ to you. What they won’t tell you is, no product is going to get you closer to that. It’s all what we put into our bodies, not what we put onto our skin. So our tip for you to try this year, is hold back on those expensive oils and creams. Pick one reliable face wash, and a natural moisturiser. Try it for a few months – and compare the results to the expensive products you’ve been using over the last few months. If you don’t notice a difference – at least you can save money in the long run.

2023 is all About Minimal Make-Up

The “less is more” philosophy isn’t just a phrase that’s being thrown about, even though it continues to dominate the beauty scene. We’re seeing more celebrities adopt this idea – dropping the heavy make-up for a more natural look. So in 2023, expect to see more neutral, dewy makeup looks with a focus on enhancing each individuals natural features, whether it’s freckles, dimples or bushy eyebrows! Going for a minimal look also backs up what we were discussing in our first tip – it’s the best option for your long-term skin care! So when you are next in buying make up – ask the staff for minimal options.

Give your Teeth all the Attention

Teeth, the unsung heroes of our daily lives, genuinely a vital part of the body we couldn’t live without. Whether you are using them to try some of London’s finest delicacies, or simple finish off your fish and chips, we need them to be at their practical best! But not only that, they are a true beacon of beauty. Having a healthy and well maintained smile will do wonders for your confidence. This year, we’ve seen such a craze over the latest dental treatments. Whether that’s getting your teeth to be the colour you’d like with whitening, or getting rid of cracks, dents and gaps that are knocking your confidence. They are as much a beauty concern as they are a health concern.

The latest craze that we’ve seen skyrocket in 2023 is composite bonding treatment. An example of this can be seen on the Whites Dental composite bonding website. Where we can see Rita Ora, a London figure known for her fashion and beauty influence receive the treatment. We genuinely believe that beauty lies in confidence – and your teeth are top of that list.

Let’s hear from you

Do you have some beauty trends you’ve seen gain popularity in London over the course of this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section. Get involved!