London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill

Robsons 1832 directory index

This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes pub history detail.

Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill
Marylebone Parish Wharf
Regents Park Basin
1 Jennings J
Regalia, Crook J
Knapp J H
Farrars W
Mott Richard
Commissioners of Metropolitan Roads
Newton, Scott & Chambers
Arundell W

West Middlesex Water Companys wharf
Nodes G
Lea C
Prince G
King R
Lambert G

Farlie J
Busk, Keen & Co
Podger & Watmough
Mace T
Meeson & Son
Westmorland E & Son

Peachey J
Lothain T
Commissioners of Woods & Forests
Perker S
Braithwaite & Co

Hampstead Road Wharf
Woods W T & E
Hubert Thomas jun
Simons John
Whitbread W H
Murphy T & G

Kentish Town Wharf
Francis, White & Co
Wood Edward

St Pancras Wharf
Southey John

Maiden Lane Wharf
Imperial Gas Company
Commissioners of Metropolis Roads
Clarke S

Kings Cross Basin
Thorrington Henry
Smart John
Hedges Charles
Weaver William
Depree & Son

Battle Bridge

Holloway Road Wharf
Curtis J
Houghton Charles

City Road Basin
1 & 2 Pickford & Co
Cheshire George
3 Kenworthy & Co
3 Bird G R & Sons
4 Cooper Jos
5 Atkinson & Browne
6 & 8 Freeman W & J
Chartered Gas Light & Coke Company
Cooper J H
9 Benstead John S
Lucas John
Marshall Charles J
10 Grazebrook M & W
Grazebrook & Munro
11 Poulson J
Meredith John

Newcastle Wharf
12 Ralph Brown
13 Noron D
14 Worthington John
15 & 16 Gabriel & Son
17 Whitehouse & Sons
18 Tildasley & Sturland
19 & 20 Public Wharfs
Golden John
21 Green & Barrett
21 Northover John
21 Telfer George
24 Brind Thomas jun
26 Whitbread & Co
27 Shipton & Co
Deacon & Harrison
Clay Newman
Sowter Isaac
Eccleston Crown Glass Company
Hillman Joseph
Droitwich Salt Company
28 Davenport & Co
29 Robins, Mills & Co
Law Edward
30 & 31 Crowley, Hicklin, Batty & Co
32 Worster, Stubbs & Bland
Stretton William
33 Howard & Co

Castle Hill Stone Wharf
Weston F D
Sturge Brothers D & T
Spring Herbert
Spackman William F
Bedggood Thomas

Wenlock Basin
Barford Richard
Sowter Thomas
Wright L W & Co
Cusworth John
Turner C R & Co
Turner George
Barlow T & Co

New North Road Wharfs
Kite James
Chadwick Rich
Dodd Henry

Hoxton Wharfs
Widgeon William
Martin William
Gibson J

Kingsland Road Basin

Lewis William
Commissioners of the Metropolis Road
Green John
Fricker Charles
Wright & Co
Corpe Henry
Johnson E
Reeves, Briggs & Co
Gillingham T J
Rosher J & Co
Geere Henry
Cheeswright S

Kingsland Road Wharfs

Freen Thomas & Co
Meeson & Hinton
Stevens & Co

Haggerstone Wharf
Independent Gas Co
Imperial Gas Co
Wynne Augustus
Rhodes William

Hackney Wharf
Bell A M
Wright Thomas
Day Edward
Poynder & Hobson
Stevens & Co

Old Ford Wharf
Burgess R
Rigglesworth John

Mile End Wharfs
Gardner John
Dixon B

Limehouse Wharfs
Tomlin William
Knight John
Stewart W & T
Bruntons T & W

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London pub history directory.

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And in comparison from 1842, although with no links as it is an image. It does include much more detail about trade details rather than in 1832.

Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill 1842 Robsons street directory
Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill 1842 Robsons street directory
Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill 1842 Robsons street directory
Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill 1842 Robsons street directory
Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill 1842 Robsons street directory
Regents Canal Wharf, Maida hill 1842 Robsons street directory