London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - New North road

Robsons 1832 directory index

This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes pub history detail.

New North road
East side
Stephens place
1 Hepburn Peter
2 Baker Thomas
3 Lawder Charles

Brudenell place
2 Bacon James
9 Ayton J S
Bricklayers Arms, Thornton Alex

Crown wharf
Chadwick Richard

Macclesfield wharf
Kite James

Clarence whard
Dodd Henry

Shepperton place
3 Willis Richard
10 Blunt George
McDougall P

King street
19 Clark George
10 Smee George Frederick
22 Powell Charles
13 House John
27 Fowler William
31 Wingmore George
32 Plimmer William
33 Brooker William

Portland place
West William
Whisson Nathaniel
16 Goodman H R

Albion place
4 Burgoine William

West side
Northampton place
5 King James
4 Caigon James Daniel
2 Barreyman A

King street
5 Chandler Richard
7 Western Richard
8 Warren John
13 Thompson Isaac
15 Gotch John
17 McDiarmid James

King street terrace
51 Manwaring Isaac
50 Fletcher H N
49 Stevens Ezekiel
48 Brown James
Clarke Robert

Shepperton place
2 Skinner Alexander
3 Style J
4 Wheeler Thomas
10 Blunt G S
13 Quinton John
14 Doubly Thomas
Bills J

Brudenell place
1 Sumpter William Thomas
22 Neale J C
14 Baker James
10 Northover John
1 Richards Nicholas

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And in comparison from 1842, although with no links as it is an image. It does include much more detail about trade details rather than in 1832.

New North road 1842 Robsons street directory
New North road 1842 Robsons street directory
New North road 1842 Robsons street directory
New North road 1842 Robsons street directory