London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Davies street, Berkeley square.

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Davies street, Berkeley square.
Length 555 yards. No. of Houses 77.
1 Richards & Co. Timber merchants
2 Jones, Thomas, Coach & harness maker
3 Eaton, John, Coach wheel manufacturer
* Gurney and Barton, Oil & colour men
8 Baker, John, Smith and ironmonger
17 Deighton, T. Saddler & harness maker
18 Wareham, John, Clock & watch maker
25 Butterworth, J. Furnishing ironmonger
26 Ware and Co. Child-bed linen warehouse
27 Manton, J. Patentee for breeching guns
28 Brown, James, Saddler and harness maker
36 Doggett and Taylor, Boot & shoe maker
37 Atkinson & Hopkins, Coach makers
38 Bartholomew, Thomas, Plumber and glazier
39 Mallows, William, Coal merchant
43 Kay, James, Coal merchant
45 Strong, Thomas, Italian warehouse
49 Moss, George, Coal merchant
53 Thompson, J. Upholder & appraiser
54 Spencer, Thomas, Carpenter & joiner
63 Lake, Joseph, Locksmith & bell hanger
70 Smith, Samuel, Carpenter & builder
75 Terry, T. Rope maker & twine spinner

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