London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Brewer street, Golden square

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Brewer street, Golden square
Length 247 yards — No. of Houses 52.
1 Webber, J. Cheesemonger and factor
2 Hall, P. Wine chest & packing case maker
3 Knight, Nathaniel, Boot & shoe maker
4 Andrews, John, Army cap maker
5 Perry, Peter, Broker and appraiser
6 Welsh, Edw. Window blind manufac.
* Wills, Thomas, Cheesemonger and grocer
7 Smith,William, Upholder & undertaker
8 Duff, Phillip, Haberdasher and hosier
10 Hughes, Thomas, Turner & press maker
11 Bristow, George Grocer and cleesemonger
14 Davies, Henry, Goldsmith and jewelles
15 Poidevin, Fra. Jeneller and silversmith
16 Pretty, John, Woollen draper & tailor
17 M'Lachlan, Alex. Tailor and draper
18 Bass, John, Woollen draper and mercer
19 Barker, E. Plumber, painter and glazier
21 Thompson, Sam Wax & tallow chandler
23 Stubbs, Rich. Tailor and habit maker
25 Taylor, John, Boot and shoe maker
29 George, William, Saddler & harness maker
30 Roders, Thomas, Plumber, painter & glazier
33 Hankins, William, Undertaker & upholder
34 Morrell and Co. Oilmen and salters
41 Fuller, James, Wholesale rug merchant
42 Christie, J. Tobacco. 3 snuff manufacturer
45 Jenkins, Charles, Upholstery warehouse
46 Knight, William, Army clothier
47 Pettitt, George, Cabinet maker & auctioneer
49 Radclyffe, Edward, Carver and gilder
50 Baber, J. Tallow chandler and melter
51 Briggs, J. & Son, Silk dyers & dressers
52 Coles, Jonathan, Tea dealer and grocer

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