London history over 2000 years

London history over 2000 years

Gallantry awards & Casualties from WWI 1914 - 1918


Medals & Casualties index

I am selecting random people to add research detail.

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Cade, Maj. Francis Mignelle M.C.

CAHILL, Capt. John Archibald M.C.

Cameron, Capt. Finlay M.C.

Cameron, Maj. Robert M.C.

CAMPBELL, 2/Lieutenant Andrew M.C.

CAMPBELL, Lieut. Guy M.C.

CAMPBELL, 2/Lieutenant Stanley Victor M.C.

Campbell, Maj. William Lamont M.C.

CANNING, Lieut. Ernest Harold D.F.C.

Canning, Lieut. (A/Capt.) Miles Howell M.C.

CANNON, Major Herbert Cooper M.C.

Caparn, Capt. (A/Maj.) Eric Thomas M.C.

CAPPER, 2/Lieutenant Ernest Raphael M.C.

CARD, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Henry M.C.

Cardew, Maj. Arthur Barrett M.C.

Carlisle, 2nd Lieut. Ronald M.C.

CARNELLEY, Lieut. Herbert M.C.

CARR, Capt. Leslie George M.C.

CARR, Capt. Mathew M.C.

CARRINGTON, 2/Lieutenant Charles Worrell D.S.O.

CARTER, Lieut. Henry William M.C.

CASSELS, 2/Lieutenant James Stuart M.C.

CATES, 2/Lieutenant George Edward, Victoria Cross

CATTELL, Capt. Alfred George M.C.

CAWLEY, Lieut. James Donald M.C.

Celestin, Capt. Louis Abel M.C.

Chalk, Capt. Vernon Reginald M.C.

Chambers, Maj. John M.C. Order of Crown of Italy , Cavalier.

Chambers, Lieut, Percy Eber Henry M.C.

Chambers, Lieut. Theodore Gervase Sandeman M.C.

CHANDLER, Capt. Alfred Leonard M.C.

CHANDLER, Capt. Cecil William M.C.

Chaplin, Lieut. Cyril Julian M.C.

CHAPMAN, 2/Lieutenant Basil Edmund M.C.

CHATTERTON, Lieut. Richard M.C.

CHEEL, 2/Lieutenant Edgar Stacey M.C.

CHEVERTON, Major Thomas Bird M.C.

CHILD, Capt. Arthur James M.C.

CHILVERS, 2/Lieutenant Joseph Ernest M.C.


CHRISTIE, Capt. John Fairfax M.C.

Clarke, Captain C A M.C.

CLASS, Lieut. Herbert Rudolph M.C.

CLIVELY, Major Richard Constantino M.C.

COCK, 2/Lieutenant Geoffrey Hornblower M.C.

CODD, 2/Lieutenant Cyril Joseph Charles M.C.

COKE, 2/Lieutenant Edward M.C.

COLE, Lieut. Gordon James M.C.

COLE, 2/Lieutenant William Maurice M.C.

COLEMAN, 2/Lieutenant George Herbert M.C.

COLES, Lieut. Edgar Lermitte M.C.

COLLINS, 2/Lieutenant John Edmund M.C.

COLVIN, Capt. Alexander M.C.

COMBER, 2/Lieutenant Turner M.C.

Comyns, Lieutenant Arthur Patrick M.C.

CONIBEER, 2/Lieutenant Ralph William M.C.

CONRAN, Capt. Edward Dennis M.C.

COOKE, 2/Lieutenant Michael James M.C.

COOKE, 2/Lieutenant Philip Andrew M.C.

COOP, 2/Lieutenant Richard Wallace M.C.

COOPER, 2/Lieutenant Edward Priestly M.C.

Cooper, Major T B M.M. M.C.

COOPER, 2/Lieutenant Thomas Charles M.C.

CORMACK, 2/Lieutenant Arthur Richard M.C.

CORNISH, 2/Lieutenant George Mervin M.C.

CORRELL, 2/Lieutenant Charles Edward M.C.

CORRY, 2/Lieutenant John Edgar M.C.

COTTAM, Capt. Algernon Edward M.C.

COULSON, Lieut. Charles Stanley Lomas D.F.C.

COURTAULD, Capt. Stephen Lewis M.C.

COXHEAD, 2/Lieutenant Henry Jessop M.C.

CRAMPTON, 2/Lieutenant Hubert M.C.

CRAN, Capt. Robert Charles M.C.

CREED, 2/Lieutenant Thomas Percival M.C.

CRISP, Lieut. George William M.C.

CROCKER, 2/Lieutenant William Charles M.C.

CROOK, 2/Lieutenant Leslie Arthur M.C. 

CRONEEN, 2/Lieutenant Seymour M.C.

CROSLAND, 2/Lieutenant Leonard M.C.

CROUCH, Capt. Francis Harris M.C.

CROWTHER, Lieut. John Edward Marmaduke M.C.

CUCKNEY, Flight-Lieut. Ernest John, D.S.C.

CUDDON, Capt. Philip Basil M.C.

CULLERNE, 2/Lieutenant Alan Baird M.C.

CUMBERLEGE, Capt. Geoffrey Fenwick Jocelyn D.S.O.

CUNDALL, Capt. Herbert Ayres M.C.

CUNNINGHAM, 2/Lieutenant James Joseph Ignatius M.C.

CURTIS, 2/Lieutenant Frank M.C.

CUTLER, 2/Lieutenant Edward Cecil M.C.

CUTTING, Major Raymond Howarth, M.C. D.S.O.

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