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The history and survey of London - from its foundation to the present time (1756) (14753817226)

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Broad street ward in 1756

Bishopsgate Ward in 1756

Bishopsgate Ward in 1756

Plan neatly engraved from a New Survey.

The, Name. Bounds. Extent. Modern State. Aldermen and Common Councilmen. Churches and Parishes. Royal Exchange. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. Great Fire in Cornhill, 1747. King Johns Court. Tun and Conduit, and the Standard.

This Ward also takes its Name from the principal Street therein, which was called Cornhill, from the Corn market kept there in ancient Times; and is bounded on the East by Bishopsgate Ward ; on the North by Broad Street Ward ; on the West by Cheap Ward ; and on the South by Langborn Ward. But it is of a very small Extent ; for beginning, on the North East, at the South East Corner of St. Martin Outwich’s Church, it runs, in several Windings South West, to the West Extent of Cornhill.
Then beginning again on the North at about 50 feet from the South West Corner of Bishopsgate street; it runs South to St. Peter’s alley in Gracechurch street, and from hence by divers to the South West Corner of Cornhill street.