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Update on web editor – write my own?

OK, I am onto step 3 of finding a decent web editor after having been a lazy frontpage editor for many years..It just works, although it does not have html5 tags, but this can be arranged.There is little on the market, well there are some great free editors, e.g. brackets; but it does not have a visual editor , so I cannot copy and paste a file of text into it, and see well formed html come out of the other end.I did find a work around using a blog, but this messes up all of the formatting, and is a mess to edit later on.So, I am back to a challenge I faced previously to be able to create some basic web pages from a bunch of text files, I guess I could write my own program in java. Or I could write a script in linux, I have done both before, and this seems to be a way forward.Or I could keep my 7 year old PC running in the background which has Frontpage 2007 still working, just about.You would think that the mighty software giants (apart from adobe, and dreamweaver -which is incredibly expensive) would have something better than notepad++ ??I like a challenge.Whatever, sorry if you don’t know what I am talkinmg about, just thinking aloud.