If you’re looking for an affordable server, you’ve probably found it challenging to select the best package out of hundreds. Still, if you want reasonable pricing and high quality, the list of results narrows significantly. But how would you know which one to choose? While many companies conquer on more or less the same perks, it’s wise to understand what you don’t want. Here are four mistakes to avoid when choosing hosts.

1. Extra Fees for Inevitable Changes

Suppose you opt for a cheap VPS server, a great customised plan offer. Then, it’s wise to double-check the terms and conditions it’s based on. Professional hosts offer resources on-demand – upscaling as well as downscaling. The crucial point is that no extra fees should be applied just for inevitable changes. Any business market is pretty dynamic today, so your need for resources will likely change.

2. Poor Communication

Whether managed or self-managed virtual space, smooth hosts’ communication skills are crucial. The easiest way to make sure you’re looking the right way is simply by contacting potential partners. Also, some other signals indicate a customer-oriented attitude. For instance, 24/7 assistance on-demand, gathered solid IT community, good customer reviews, etc.

3. Lack of Information About DC

Looking for the best hosting plan, don’t forget to check out the data centre (DC). To be more precise, its location, certificates, and company policy. Regarding certificates, they’re not just trophies to brag about. Well, at least some of them mean way more than that, for instance, TIER III certificates issued by the Uptime Institute. It obliges DCs to implement some changes and maintain an environment that meets strict criteria. Just a few requirements:

  • Powerful, enterprise-class hardware
  • Uptime up to 99,98 per cent
  • All components are either duplicated or redundant
  • Specifically equipped building and special atmosphere

To understand how serious it is, here’s a fact – there cannot be more than 95 minutes of downtime annually. Regarding the building and atmosphere, extra measures must be taken to protect the servers in case of any possible scenario (fire, floods, power outages in the city, etc.).

So, the idea is – don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s a lack of information about the DC. Mentioned physical and virtual security depends mainly on its specialists’ excellent work. By the way, some hosts own a DC too. This way, you get the service without extra third-party fees and direct communication.

Don’t underestimate extra perks – access to valuable apps and software, community, flexible billing, and other advantages. It seems like these are not only valuable insights. The moments discussed could also be your guidelines when choosing a trustworthy, customer-oriented host. Seek partners that would embrace your growth.